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M.Sc. Nikita Bhardwaj Haupt

M.Sc. Nikita Haupt


Researcher at the research group Software Engineering: Dependability


M.Sc. Nikita Bhardwaj Haupt
TU Kaiserslautern
Building 32, Room 435
P.O. Box 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern

Tel: +49 (631) 205-3334
Fax: +49 (631) 205-3331
E-mail: haupt@informatik.uni-kl.de


Software-intensive systems in application domains like autonomous agriculture, avionics and healthcare need to be more and more adaptive. Dynamic integration of components and a subsequent reconfiguration at runtime results in changed functional and non-functional properties of the system. Taking into consideration that these systems often operate in safety-critical environment, reconfiguration apropos of safety becomes a crucial concern. To this end, in my research, I have introduced a conceptual framework that aids in safe reconfiguration of an open system-of-system, by the means of systematic monitoring and evaluation of the system and its components at runtime.

The concept behind the framework is to dynamically ensure safety by rigorous monitoring of operational status of system, its components and the environmental conditions during its execution, thereby managing system reconfiguration by evaluating system status in accordance with safety property. Owing to reconfiguration management at runtime, the framework is henceforth referred to as RM@RT. The metamodel consists of an Open Adaptive System (OAS) as top element. We consider that the systems composing an OAS are also capable to reconfigure, and thus refer to them as Adaptive Components (ADC). This makes an OAS a composition of multiple adaptive components.

System Service Monitor (SSM) is the fundamental element of the metamodel and is responsible for continuous monitoring of adaptive component apropos of safety-critical deviations. Based on the deviations monitored, SSM triggers Configuration Evaluation (CE) to evaluate all potential configurations of the ADC with respect to safety property. This evaluation is achieved by means of Knowledge Base (KB), which acts as an information repository containing information essential for reconfiguration at runtime.


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Assistance in Teaching

WS18/19 Seminar Software Engineering
WS18/19 Lecture Safety and Reliability of Embedded Systems
WS17/18 Lecture Safety and Reliability of Embedded Systems
SS17 Seminar Software Engineering
WS16/17 Lecture Safety and Reliability of Embedded Systems

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